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General Aviation Maintenance

Deciding what type of planes you want to maintain is the first thing you need to do before becoming an aircraft mechanic. It is necessary for you to have an idea of what you want to do with your mechanic’s license, just like a car mechanic has the choice of working on Ferraris or Hyundais…. Are in small personal aircraft? General Aviation is the small, personal aircraft that are flown for small businesses and personal usage. The police and FBI use general aviation maintenance people to fix their surveillance plane, so you should know exactly what your goal is before entering any program of study, so take the time to discover exactly what you would like to do.

Secondly, you should decide on a reputable aircraft maintenance school. Schooling prepares you for successfully completing the oral, written, and practical exams necessary for an FAA Mechanic Certificate. You should realize that you must choose a school that is appropriate for the goals you wish to achieve.

Before entering any program of study, you will want to investigate it. As with any other field, discover the best program that will enable you to succeed and attain a successful career after graduation. Certified schools must offer students at least 1,900 class hours in general aviation maintenance, as required by FAA standards established by law. School coursework generally continues for 18 to 24 months and utilizes the same type of tools and equipment used on the job for training. You will be supervised by qualified instructors while learning practical on-the-job skills about 80 percent of the time, rather than merely sitting in a classroom, if you choose a quality school. The school you choose should be equipped with modern industry-standard equipment for you to learn with so that you can gain experience and feel comfortable handling these tools. Using out-dates tools will be of no benefit to you in the future.

A lecture and a test are not the only things involved in school for aircraft mechanics. Aircraft mechanics have to completely understand the workings and build of the aircraft, so you will have to dismantle and reconstruct entire systems, like the engine. Students in General aviation maintenance school, through lecture and practical courses, will learn about all components of an airplane and become experts in aircraft repair and maintenance.

However, you won’t have your general aviation maintenance license once school is over. FAA regulations decree you must have 18 months of supervised general aviation maintenance work in order to qualify for taking the powerplant or airframe licensing tests, and 30 months of work are required to take the A&P combined test. You must obtain a notarized statement from your employer or a documented work time sheet signed by the supervising general aviation maintenance person in order to qualify for testing.

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